Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Backlogged stuff

A few more vocab words before I start.
Hiker midnight - any time after dark (usually around 9:00), when everyone starts passing out
Hiker cologne - Smoke from the fire. Because lets face it, anything smells better than a hiker at the end of the day
P.u.d. - Pointless up-and-down. Any ascent that yields no worthwhile views, no shelters, no water, and is generally monotonous. VA seems to specialize in these.
AT -Shorthand for the Appalachian trail, obviously
2,000 miler - anyone who has completed the whole AT, regardless if it was in one year or over many
PCT - Shorthand for the Pacific Crest Trail, a 2,600 mile trail in California, Oregon and Washington. Higher elevations, less water and more drastic weather make it more logistically difficult than the AT, but an easier trail grade and less rocks and roots makes it less physically demanding.
CDT - Shorthand for the Continental Divide Trail that follows the Rockies for the most part, also from Mexico to Canada. At 3,100 miles, it is the longest, hardest, and least traveled of the long trails in the US.
Triple Crown - Title awarded amongst hikers to someone who has thru-hiked the AT, the PCT, and the CDT

Hi everyone, writing to you from the library in Pearisburg, VA. Seeing as I never got to update after the end of Trail Days in Damascus, I'll just give a quick recap of some of the... more colorful moments.
-The hiker parade, where everyone arms themselves with water ballons and squirt guns and its an all out war of hikers vs. townies
-huge bonfires every night at multiple camps, each with their own flavor; some drum music, some bluegrass, some storytelling, etc.
-An impromptu list of a typical days fluid consumption; beer, bloody mary, beer, margarita, beer, vodka lemonade, beer, beer, water. Its just the most available drink, what can I say.
-Hilarious D-list horror movies about a killer grizzly bear. Best movie special effects ever (and yes, they are fake)
-Inspiring (if somewhat cheesy) movies about the CDT. Triple crown here I come!!
-Hiker talent shows, the useless gear competition, eating contests, free home cooked meals, and all the drool worthy gear you could lays your eyes on.
-Lazy days by the river and lazy nights under the stars till 4 a.m., hiker midnight be damned

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muh said...

I've hiked small parts of the pct while i've been out here. It is different from the AT - more rugged, less super highway. I can't attest to being less demanding - i find the AT that i've done (in NY/CT/MA) to be easier than most of the hiking i've done out here, if, for no other reason, than that altitude does seem to get into my lungs.
but, come home, i'll give you a home for when you're not on the trail.