Friday, May 28, 2010

Just finally tried to put some pictures up on, though I'm not sure how well it worked. The computers here aren't exactly the swiftest machines assembled, so I'll just edit things a bit at a time. They should be under the name spibop15. If it doesn't work then, um, screw it.

On a somber note, Michael, the German whom I met the first day and last saw in Big Bear, apparently dropped out in Mojave and took a plane home from L.A. He will be missed; just a reminder that the urge to quit can momentarily overtake us all, even though we'll regret it in the longrun.


elise said...

It worked! Pretty good for a camera phone, huh?

Animal Entropy said...

Ya, its decent. No zoom though, and things never look as impressive as they should. Its nice to free up the memory though, given that we'll be passing through the most beautiful part of the trail soon