Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Random Photos

I decided to start carrying my actual camera back in Silverthorne, as opposed to using the particularly bad one on my phone, so here are a few of my random pictures.  Its signifigantly easier to upload from here than from my phone, so I'm not going to bother trying those until later.  So, in no particular order...
 A blaze on a signpost right through the middle of Grand Lakes
 Granite Falls, in Rocky Mountain National Park (RMNP).
 A marker for the old Rabbit Ears Pass highway, near the real road into Steamboat Springs
 A section of bleached, dead trees north of Rabbit Ears pass
 Flat Kate at the Wyoming border
 Singular dead tree atop Bridger Peak, just before a thunderstorm rolled in
 Found this guy sitting alone at the top of Bridger Pass, on the way into Rawlins
 The trail into historic South Pass City... which is surrounded by an electric fence, kinda unsettling
 The lovely trail leaving Rawlins, heading down into the Basin.  Kinda hard to get lost there.
 The view from the awesome Shadowcliff Hostel, overlooking Grand Lakes.
 Lakes in the Basin, surrounded by a salt encrusted shore and swarming with gulls... and biting flies, ugh.
 Colorado River canyon above Radium Hot Springs.  Got to visit here with the staff from Shadowcliff.  I elected to be a wimp and not jump from the 60 ft cliff into the river below.
 Random shack filled with Forest Service radio equipment atop Parkview Mt.  A very tiring climb.
 One of the hilarious signs posted before going above treeline in RMNP.
 View from Flattop Mt in RMNP.  The mushroomy looking cloud in the distance is from the Collins Park fire, the largest wildfire in Colorado history.
More fun and exciting trail coming down from Bridger Pass.

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weaverjay said...

Thank you ever so much for these postings, and pictures, Jeff. We have enjoyed reading about your adventures, and worried a bit with all those wild fires. Soon you'll be north of them. Enjoy your break with Kate. Jay and Bob